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Logo Controvérsias em Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular

Controvérsias em Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular

05/27 to 05/28/2022
Grande Hotel Campos do Jordão

Data do evento: 
27/05 (sexta) - 08h00 as 18h00
28/05 (sábado) - 08h00 as 12h00
Pacote de Hospedagem: Período de 26 a 29/05 (03diárias)
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Alto da Boa Vista

- São João Monastery (Beneditinas Sisters): The São João Monastery or Convent of Beneditinas is the ideal tour for those looking for peace. The Benedictine Sisters perform Gregorian Chant recital in the São João Batista Chapel every day at 5:45 pm
- Boa Vista Palace: Boa Vista Palace is the official winter residence of the Governor of São Paulo. Open to visitors, the Palace has rich works of art.

- Felícia Leiner Museum: The Felícia Leirner Museum has around one hundred works of art, which are located in the gardens of the Auditorium. A collection of sculptures made in plaster, bronze and iron in the open air.
Entrance: full R$ 5,00 and 1/2 R$ 2,50, on Sundays free entrance.

- Claudio Santoro Auditorium: The Claúdio Santoro Auditorium is the official headquarters of the Campos do Jordão Winter Festival. Its gardens house the Felicia Leirner Museum.
An unmissable cultural tour.

Circuito Gavião Gonzaga

Gardens that enchant
Beautiful place to walk with friends and family. Perfect place for lovers of beautiful landscapes and peace.
On this tour you visit:
- Amantikir: The more than 20 themed gardens represent the landscape style of different countries that form Amantikir: the tour lasts 1h20 to 2 hours.
Individual cost for visitation R$ 30,00.
- City Portal
- Spinasi's Chocolate Factory

Discover one of the highest points of Mantiqueira and discover the handicrafts in traditional places in the city that offer entertainment and relaxation for all ages.

On this tour you visit:
- Morro do Elefante: Morro do Elefante has a stunning panoramic view of the Capivari Tourist Center.
- Mansions of Alto do Capivari.  
- Pico do Itapeva: ''Pico do Itapeva'' is a Brazilian rocky elevation with 2025 meters of altitude. The summit is located in the municipality of Pindamonhangaba, in the state of São Paulo, just 35 meters from the border with Campos do Jordão. The peak is accessible from the latter city by paved road, being one of the highest points accessible by car in Brazil. From the top, it is possible to see a wide expanse of the São Paulo Paraíba Valley, with seven cities in sight.
Entrance: R$ 10,00 per people
- Ducha de Prata: Formed by several artificial showers that glimpse the visitors, in this channeling of water coming from the damming of Ribeirão das Perdizes. In the midst of the exuberant mountain range, the waters of the Shower delight visitors who can use wooden platforms to take cold and healthy baths.
Excellent place to take pictures amidst the rocks and trails, or simply relax listening to the sounds of the waters and the birds. In the past, guests of the old and famous Pensão Inglesa used to bathe in this place. This traditional tourist spot is located in the Vila Inglesa neighborhood, on the road to Vila Capivari.

- Spinasi's Chocolate Factory